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The Campaign that saved a human trafficking victim's life.

Client: Crime Stoppers

Project: Integrated Campaign Including Web, Digital, Social, OOH

Most Canadians don't think human trafficking happens here. But it does and 60% of the victims are under the age of sixteen. The problem is compounded by the fact that the signs can be hard to recognize. Knowing that airports and hotels are human trafficking hotspots, we decided to target travellers. As they were searching for flights and hotels, we were there to educate them and turn them into our eyes and ears.

Not only did the campaign garner over 5 million impressions, within a month of launch, the campaign generated a tip that led to the rescue of an underaged victim.


"The results of this campaign went beyond anything we could have hoped for. A tip we received because of the campaign led to the rescue of a minor."

- Sean Sportun, Vice Chair, Toronto Crime Stoppers

crime stoppers logo-06_edited.png

Executive Creative Director: Marketa Krivy

Creative Director: Diego Bertagni, Erin Kawalecki

Copywriter: Erin Kawalecki, Alex Manahan, Vanessa Herber, Chenice Piercy

Art Director: George Lin, Mark Ovsey, Alisa Walter, Victoria Sturgess

Design: Duncan Collis, Nicholas Bujnak

Illustrator: Shannon Elliot

Developers: Andrew Amistad, Will Chong

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