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Early stage tech startup, Bloom

Chief Brand Officer in-house responsible for: Brand Strategy / Design / UX/UI / Content Strategy / Program Development / Value Proposition / Marketing

Our mission at Bloom was to tackle the growing epidemic of loneliness and isolation in older aged adults. As founding member of the early stage startup, I developed our brand strategy, and led the development of the digital product. With an older aged member base, our biggest challenge was varying degrees of tech literacy and confidence among users, as well as the Pandemic. We created a platform to help people find new purpose in their retirement, navigate the transition out of the workforce, and create community by connecting people in the same lifestage, together.

Designs of the Bloom desktop and mobile sites.
Example designs of Bloom social media.
5 phone screens with various Bloom social media designs.
Bloom's online Community Platform design.
2 iPad tablets. One showing a survey, the other a grid of 16 smiling people on a live video chat.
3 Customer testimonials with names, dates and 5 star ratings.

Our Advisors & Investors

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