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About me

For the past 6 years, I've had private clients, and have been the founding member of several early stage startups, searching for product market fit. (Or as I like to say - turning an idea into a business, and a story into a brand.)

I've built products, developed strategies, pivoted ventures, developed marketing, and designed brands. 


I've helped teams drive business success by striking a balance between relevancy and awareness - the short term levers for growth, with the long term drivers of brand building.

And my approach to everything is human-centred, rooted in a fundamental understanding of human nature.


Over my 20+ year career, I've had the privilege of working at some of the top ad agencies in the world. Across business sectors and industry categories, I've worked on global brands, including Adidas, Ikea, Volkswagen, McDonald’s, and Dove, just to name a few.


Along the way, my work has garnered awards for creativity and effectiveness, from Cannes International Advertising Festival, One Show, Clios, ADCC, Marketing Awards, Effies, and the Cassies.


And press including CBC, CTV, Designboom, Mashable, Inc., MobileSyrup and psfk.


A Pine Sol ad even earned the distinction as ICA’s top 10 ads of all time.


But none of the awards or accolades matter without real world results: A cross platform campaign for Crime Stoppers generated a tip that led to the rescue of an under-aged human trafficking victim.


Work that works can help save lives.

Marketing can be a powerful tool. I perfer to use it for good.

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