Hi, I'm Marketa. Thanks for stopping by :)


Over my 20+ year career as a creative director, I've had the privilege of working at some of the top ad agencies. Across business sectors and industry categories, I've created insightful and memorable work for global brands, including Adidas, Ikea, Volkswagen, McDonald’s, and Dove, just to name a few.


Along the way, my work has garnered awards for creativity and effectiveness, from Cannes, One Show, Clios, ADCC, Marketing Awards, Effies, to the Cassies.


And sometimes press from CBC, CTV, Designboom, Mashable, Inc., MobileSyrup and psfk.


A Pine Sol ad even earned the distinction as ICA’s top 10 ads of all time.


But my career highlight was a cross platform campaign for Crime Stoppers. It generated a tip that led to the rescue of an under-aged human trafficking victim and literally saved a life.

There is nothing more rewarding than creating work that has a positive and meaningful impact in the world.


4 years ago, I did something crazy. I traded my successful career as an agency exec for ambiguity and uncertainty.


Being on the ground floor of 2 early stage startups, I've experienced firsthand what it takes to turn an idea into a business, and a story into a brand.

It's been an incredibly exciting and growth-fuelled experience.


One that's made me more resilient and comfortable navigating ambiguity. 


I'm a better listener, and a more empathetic leader. 


It's taught me how to rally a team and ignite excitement even when things are murky.

But perhaps most importantly, I've learned how to foster multi-disciplinary team collaboration in a way that encourages discourse while building trust.

Maybe stepping out of my comfort zone wasn't so crazy after all.