Hi, I'm Marketa.


I've had an amazing career as a Creative Director in advertising, creating memorable work for brands like Adidas, Ikea, Volkswagen, McDonald’s, and Dove, just to name a few.


Along the way, my work has garnered industry recognition, from Cannes, One Show, Clios, ADCC, Marketing Awards, Effies, to the Cassies. Even picked up press organically in publications like Design Boom, Mashable, Inc., MobileSyrup and psfk.


And a Pine Sol ad earned the distinction as ICA’s top 10 ads of all time.


But a few years ago, a campaign for Crime Stoppers generated a tip that led to the rescue of an under-aged human trafficking victim and literally saved a life. It had a profound effect on me and fundamentally changed how I viewed creativity and its potential power for good.


This was a career turning point .


I wanted to continue making a meaningful impact in the world and began seeking out mission-led companies and founders to work with.


Over the past 3+ years, I’ve been on the ground floor of 2 startups, experiencing firsthand what it takes to turn an idea into a business, and a story into a brand.

It's been the most exciting and growth fuelled experience of my career. I've worn many (many) different hats, experimented, stepped out of my comfort zone, and added a whole slew of new skills to my toolkit.

As a leader, I know what it takes to rally and ignite excitement among teams and consumers alike. And I believe that curiosity and empathy build high-trust teams and high-trust brands.


I love working in collaborative and experimental environments, where I can combine data, science, and creativity to create trailblazing work. 

Let's work together :)