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Performance marketing should be building brand too.

Performance marketing vs brand marketing. The battle seems to rage on.

I’ve never quite understood the logic that creative work for brand and performance must be different.

Why performance marketing seems to get relegated to the rational sale.

All creative should strive to build the brand regardless of the media buy.

It’s true that media and context (right place, right time) play a big role in how much attention a person has available.

Are they scrolling on their phone while waiting to cross a busy intersection? Watching a favourite show on TV? Or running to catch the subway?

Context does matter.

But performance only targets the 5% of the audience that's in market. And not all will convert.

Sure, platforms like Instagram make it super easy for me to shop my feed right now. But it doesn’t mean I will.

I have to put my phone down to cross the busy intersection!

Wouldn’t it be great if your ad, regardless of media buy or targeting, left a mark on my long-term memory? Instead of becoming non distinct, forgettable noise in my feed.

Marketers have to leverage every opportunity to build the brand. Because familiarity leads to preference.

And preference means you'll need less performance marketing.

Fergus O'Carroll dives into this very topic with Tom Roach and Claire Strickett on his podcast.

Worth a listen.


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